Lima Beige Bamboo Beach Towel - Eselba
Lima Beige Bamboo Beach Towel - Eselba

Lima Beige Bamboo Beach Towel

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Lima Oversized Bamboo Beach Towel Beige-Ecru Striped 79"x37" Multipurpose Bath, Beach, Spa, Fitness, Yoga Mat Cover Peshtemal

Made from 60% bamboo 40% cotton
Size 200 x 95 cm.
± 450 grams
Easy to Carry
Simple To Pack
Multifunctional Peshtemals
Wash at 30°C
Do not bleach
Made in Turkey
±5% size ranges are acceptable due to production
Item will be delivered within 1-3 days

Bamboo beach towels absorb water faster, dry very quickly, take up less space, are easy to carry and are used as an alternative to regular towels in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, and gyms. Our products are made from 60% bamboo 40% cotton and produced in Turkey. Eselba hammam and beach towels are stylish, luxurious, absorbent and lightweight.

With the purchase, you’ll donate $1 to TOVAK IMECE Project. Eselba supports the IMECE project.

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