New Trend : BAMBOO

Bamboo is the latest and the best trend of this towel world. Bamboo has so many defining characteristics.
First of all, it is so smooth and silky at the contact with the skin. You will feel like you are in a cloud. This is a total meditation for your body and soul.

Bamboo’s absorption capacity is way better than cotton. You will be surprised at the first time how quickly it absorbs!

Bamboo is antibacterial. These towels always will be clean enough even your baby. Don’t worry, your hammam towel is odor-free and you will always breathe easily. This is due to the characteristics of material we use and that is why our hammam towels are also hypoallergenic. They will never irritate your skin.

Bamboo is eco-friendly. We believe that we have to protect this World, not only our children but also our grandchildren. This is why we prefer bamboo and organic cotton together. Especially bamboo as it makes you feel the nature! Have you ever heard about the fastest growing plant in the world? Yeap, it is BAMBOO!

Bamboo has a lot to offer and we have developed it to reach the highest quality. Bamboo keeps its shape and it becomes softer after every wash. We guarantee that you will get your money’s worth!

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